Our Pest Control

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How Are Pest Infestations Dealt With?

The process of removing or controlling any pest problem consists of a series of steps to be considered. We practice Integrated Pest Management (IPM), which combines biological, cultural, physical and chemical methods to control pests. This reduces risk to people, other non target animals and the environment in general.

How Do You Know You Have Pests?

Scratching and shuffling noises from the loft or walls will often be the first thing you may notice. You may also find gnawed food packets, or torn up pieces of plastic, cloth or paper. Droppings in a cupboard, loft or room corner can be a give away. Holes in clothes and bare patches in carpets can be caused by moths and beetles. Or, you may actually catch sight of insects or rodents scurrying about.

What Specific Pest Might You Have?

We conduct a full site survey, inside and out. This will reveal signs of any pests; such as specific areas they use, tracks and trails, damage caused, droppings, or even actual animal specimens. This will allow us to positively identify the specific pest, which is paramount to devising the appropriate treatment plan.

In some cases we use ultra violet tracking dust or night vision cameras to verify the type and location of unwanted creatures. We also have access to laboratory identification of insects.

How Is The Pest Dealt With?

Often pests such as rats and mice, or even insects can be dealt with by identifying and removing any potential entry points, food and water sources, or harbourage areas that might encourage them. Altering the local environment will deter them considerably and prevent future occurrences.

We can utilise chemical treatments, trapping or baiting, depending on the specific circumstances. All our practices and materials used are fully compliant with up to date codes of practice and legislation under:

  • Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations (COSHH) 2002
  • Control of Pesticides Act 1986
  • Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981
  • The Spring Traps Approval Order 2018

Is There Any Documentation?

You will be provided with a full written report by the pest control technician treating the problem. This includes details of the pest found, extent of the infestation, what pesticides (if any) used and recommendations to deter and prevent further pest problems.